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Catering Van Hire in Surrey

At Weaver Event Catering, we have over twenty years of experience in event and mobile catering. Our speciality is delivering delicious food and drinks to the masses, whether it’s a fete in Weybridge, a festival in Walton-on-Thames or a sporting event in Dorking. Commercial clients from all of Surrey have been using our reliable and tasty catering van hire units for many years that include:

  • Burger Van Hire
  • Mobile Bar Hire
  • Coffee Trailer Hire
  • Ice Cream Van Hire
  • Fish & Chip Bus

Top 4 Uses for Catering Van Hire in Surrey

We have spent the past twenty years catering for various commercial outdoor events in Surrey and throughout the South East. In this time, we have noticed a common trend with the types of events we often get invited to. On this page, we have put together a list of the 4 most popular types of events that we regularly attend to with our catering van hire, burger van hire, mobile bar hire, coffee trailer hire and ice cream van hire services.



At Weaver Event Catering, we are lucky enough to get invited to numerous weddings in Surrey and enjoy keeping guests happy with high-quality food and delicious beverages. From prosecco and Pimms, to burgers and ice cream, our excellent catering van hire services are suited to weddings and wedding venues of all kinds. The most popular mobile catering vans used for weddings in Surrey include our ice cream van hire services, fish & chip bus and of course... our popular mobile bar hire!

Music Festivals


There’s nothing like sitting down to a tasty burger or a thirst-quenching coffee at a music festival. Festivals draw crowds in their hundreds and even thousands, so what better way to feed and water them with fast and effective catering van hire? Our vans are able to be pitched on grass and can be delivered to your Surrey location fully-equipped and stocked. The most frequently asked for catering van hire for festivals are burger van hire, mobile bar hire and coffee trailer hire services. We are happy to travel to locations throughout Surrey.

Charity Events/Fetes


A lovely Summer fete is a popular outdoor attraction in Britain that is held outdoors, often to raise money for charity organisations. Guests arrive for a fun-filled day of entertainment, food and refreshments. Numerous charity events and fetes are held in Surrey throughout the year and we are highly-experienced in attending these bustling events. Previous organisations we have catered at fetes for include National Trust, British Heart Foundation and MET Police. Popular catering vans for charity events and fetes include our fish & chip bus, ice cream van hire and burger van hire.

Sporting Events


Sporting events are an ideal time and place for catering van hire services. People are outside, enjoying the sports taking place and are interested in fast, convenient and good tasting food and drink. At Weaver Event Catering, we often get invited to cater at local football tournaments, sports days , runs and regattas all over the Surrey region. Coffee trailer hire is a firm favourite in winter, burger van hire throughout the year and ice cream van hire a lovely refreshing snack in the warm (we hope!) summer months.

Expert Mobile Catering Facilities

When using Weaver Event Catering catering van hire services, Surrey clients can feel confident in the knowledge that they are receiving well-equipped and aesthetically-pleasing catering vans. From premium burger van hire and ice cream hire, to first-class mobile bar hire and coffee trailer hire, we’ve selected the best mobile catering facilities to bring to your event.

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